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I recently commissioned the wonderful composer Edie Hill to set Walt Whitman's To A Stranger for Andrew Garland, Kelly Kuo and me. The dedication reads, "For making music with friends across the ages." The projects here represent that idea: an intimacy with people and stories that resonate and inspire me personally, across time...and in the ways that great friends challenge, nourish, and celebrate one's experience in the world, the subjects, creators, and collaborators of these works are some of the richest friendships I know. 


Aspects of presenting these projects may include residences, community engagement, master classes, discussions, or combinations thereof to complement and enhance the performance event and explore themes raised in the material.


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Written by Mina Fisher, this chamber music play brings the legendary Nadia Boulanger to vivid and layered life. I've had a lifelong fascination with Boulanger, and delving into her complexity, musically and personally,  is a rare privilege to explore and share. I love every minute of performing this entirely unique hybrid one-woman-play and chamber music program. Audiences of both professional musicians and those who don't yet know anything about Boulanger have been amazed and moved by this work, and I am too.


In this dramatic song cycle written for me by Steven Mark Kohn for the100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment, I play not only the role of Susan B. Anthony, but also four other characters who took part in her trial in 1873 for the crime of voting while being a woman. The cycle employs a clear, varied, sometimes lyrical, sometimes jaunty, irreverent and yet solemn portrait of this strange moment in the fraught history of Women's Suffrage in the United States. The story could not be more relevant, and Steve gives me the chance to share the nuances of the event, its triumph and failure, and invites reflection on both the continued progress and devastating challenges of this country's ongoing story.



Dominick Argento was an artist whose sublime voice was a gift to the world, and I am privileged to have known him as a friend. This extraordinary cycle, epistolary in form (Argento was deeply attuned to literature and loved the prose and correspondence of musical and literary figures), for baritone, mezzo and piano took my breath away when I began to learn it for a concert with the Source Song Festival. I have seldom encountered a composer giving with passion and economy such generous, intelligent, and unabashedly gorgeous voice to his subjects, to himself, and to the artists interpreting the work. I was deeply enamoured, and remain so at the ravishing A Few Words About Chekhov. It inspired the building the program that follows here, and led to a forthcoming recording of this work and 3 other previously unrecorded cycles of Argento. The recording, on Bridge Records, with the incomparable Jesse Blumberg and the legendary Martin Katz, will be released in 2021.



This trio recital, all American composers, and all in English, for baritone Andrew Garland, pianist Kelly Kuo, and me, was built around the Argento cycle described above, and also resulted in the commission of the Whitman text by Edie Hill. We gave the premiere at the University of Texas in Austin, and continue to tour and expand the program. In addition to these two duets, we each perform two other cycles, including Jared Hedges stunning Nelly Bly at Blackwell's Island, Gabriel Kahane's practically canonic comic Craiglistlieder and the hilarious and irreverent Missed Connections, by Sam Krahn.